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How to unlock the Dog Bone Schematic in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Come here, little hell puppy!

There’s nothing like man’s best friend to follow you in your adventures. The only thing is that it is an undead hound set on fire. Oh well. Here is how to unlock the Dog Bone Schematic in Modern Warfare Zombies.

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Modern Warfare Zombies: How to unlock the Dog Bone Schematic

Modern Warfare 3 Hellhounds
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Unlocking the Dog Bone Schematic in Modern Warfare Zombies is not a task fit for the faint of heart and casual Zombies gamers. This Schematic will allow you to summon a Hellhound companion that will help you defeat zombies, but don’t get excited just yet: we have a long way to go. A new mission that comprises the totality of Act 4 for Zombies is now out thanks to the arrival of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.

This mission is called Bad Signal and it introduces the Dark Aether, which is the place where we will find the Dog Bone Schematic. Sort of. Once you finish the Bad Signal mission, you will be able to return to the Dark Aether by first completing a small Easter Egg Quest which requires you to get four different sigils:

  • Locked Diary: Defeat the Dark Aether worm boss and collect it in the Reward Rift.
  • Security Camera: Shoot a Harvester Orb with a Dead Wire weapon. Complete the following bounty to upgrade it.
  • Pill Bottle: Shoot an Aether Cyst with a Brain Rot weapon. Complete the following bounty to upgrade it.
  • Dog Collar: Visit a Dog House and leave one Chunk of Meat and a Molotov. Complete the following bounty to upgrade it.

Once you are inside the Dark Aether, you will be able to complete contracts. Some of them will reward you with a very special sigil called the Elder Sigil. While a normal sigil will now open up the way to the Dark Aether — now freely without having to do the Easter Egg Quest — an Elder Sigil will open up the way to a higher-tier version of this realm, with many calling it a Tier 4 zone or even the Elder Dark Aether.

This is an extremely difficult dimension in which you can also complete contracts. In fact, there are four main contracts, with each of them unlocking a Season 1 schematic. This includes the Dog Bone Schematic. Continue to complete contracts until you unlock it and then exfil with it to unlock it.

Modern Warfare 3 Dog Bone Schematic
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As you might guess, this is a very difficult thing to accomplish, especially if you are far from completing the Modern Warfare Zombies story — cough, cough, that’s me. Be sure to travel to the Elder Dark Aether with a full squad. Otherwise, prepare to face an insurmountable challenge.

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