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How to unlock and complete Dark Aether Rifts in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Are you afraid of the dark?

Dark Aether Rifts is a massive end-game challenge in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) unlocked by Sigils. You can temporarily enter the Dark Aether through the Act 4 mission called Bad Signal, but with Sigils, you can enter Dark Aether for a longer time by starting Dark Aether Rifts.

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Where to find Sigils in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

In total, there are four Sigils. They match the Dark Aether pedestal symbols, Brain Rot, Dead Wire, Cryo, and Napalm, and are specific items that require you to do specific things. Once you’ve found and placed all four Sigils on the pedestals, you’ll open the Dark Aether Rift. Just be prepared because I’ve heard it’s some of the hardest content in Modern Warfare Zombies (which is saying a lot).

The first Sigil is the Locked Diary found in the Reward Rift after defeating the Dark Aether worm boss. That Sigil comes to you gold, but the other three Sigils start purple and need to be transformed into their gold versions.

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The Brain Rot Sigil is acquired by shooting an Aether Nest Cyst with a Brain Rot modded gun, the Dead Wire Sigil is acquired by destroying a Harvester Orb with a Dead Wire modded gun, and the Napalm Sigil is acquired by putting a Molotov and Chunk of Meat into a dog house.

Once you have any purple Sigil, you turn it gold by entering an Aether Rift. While in the air, look for and enter the gold rift that’s in midair. Upon exiting the gold rift, a purple Contract will be marked. Start the contract and defeat the named boss. The Reward Rift you get should have a gold version of your Sigil.

Keep all your Sigils secured in your rucksack. When you have all four Sigils, you can place them onto the pedestals around the Dark Aether tornado to open the Dark Aether Rift. Enter the rift to start one of the most challenging by most rewarding activities in Modern Warfare Zombies.

How to complete Dark Aether Rifts in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

According to Activision, Dark Aether Rifts are “otherworldly labyrinths” inside the Dark Aether where you need to complete increasingly difficult objectives to earn amazing rewards. I’m guessing that this is where we’ll find the new Schematics and new Wonder Weapon, or at least the RNG will be much better here if we are successful in beating the objectives.

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