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How to unlock the Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter classes in Fire Emblem Engage

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Fire Emblem Engage’s Expansion Pass has brought a lot of different things to the game, mostly being new Emblems for you to use. The first three waves of DLC brought fan favorite characters back from the Fire Emblem series, such as Chrom & Robin from Awakening, the three house leaders from Three Houses, and Camilla from Fates. The fourth DLC wave is solely the new story DLC, the Fell Xenologue, and as such brings different changes to Fire Emblem Engage when you compare it to the previous waves of DLC. One of the additions in the fourth wave of DLC is the new classes that Intelligent Systems added. These are the Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter classes, and you may recognize them from the previous Emblem battles from the first three waves of DLC. Here’s how to unlock the Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter classes in Fire Emblem Engage.

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How to unlock the Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter classes in Fire Emblem Engage

The new classes are relatively easy to unlock, although it will take you some time. You can unlock Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter by completing the Fell Xenologue story DLC. This will take you at least a few hours to do, as the story DLC is six chapters long and can vary in length depending on the difficulty you choose and your luck in completing these maps.

Once you have the new classes however, you can use them in the main game at your own discretion. On arrival back at the Somniel after completing the Fell Xenologue story DLC, you will receive a bunch of items, a few of which you need to become a Mage Cannoneer or an Enchanter.

Fire Emblem Engage Mage Cannoneer Enchanter Item Store

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Some info about the necessary items for class switching

You will need to use the Mystic Satchel to become an Enchanter class unit, or a Mage Cannon to become a Mage Cannoneer class unit. On completion of the Fell Xenologue, you will receive one of each of these items to try out these classes for yourself. But don’t fret, these items aren’t as rare as that would make them seem. You can buy these two items in the shop at any given time after completing the Fell Xenologue DLC, and they’re infinitely available, so test these classes out to your heart’s content. That is if you’re rich, because items do cost a pretty penny, even with the Silver Card discount!

Fire Emblem Engage is available from the Nintendo Store.


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