How to upgrade Dodge Roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2

Misty Step Remnant 2
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Are you wondering how to upgrade Dodge Roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2? The Dodge Roll is a vital mechanic for your survival, but it can be upgraded to another mechanic that is crazy powerful. However, you must collect and wear two items to upgrade your Dodge Roll. While this may seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be, as all the information you need has been provided below. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Misty Step in Remnant 2.

How to get Misty Step in Remnant 2

Using Misty Step Remnant 2

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You can upgrade Dodge Roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2 by obtaining the Ring of Omens from the Cathedral of Omens during a Blood Moon and wearing one of six Yaesha amulets (I recommend Death’s Embrace). When you wear the Ring of Omens and one amulet, your Dodge Roll will be upgraded to Misty Step.

You can obtain one of the six following amulets:

  • Death’s Embrace
  • Full Moon Circlet
  • Necklace of Flowing Life
  • Ravager’s Mark
  • Red Doe Sigil
  • Talisman of the Sun

The Misty Step causes you to phase away instead of the standard dodge animation. However, you will no longer use stamina when you perform a Misty Step; instead, you will gain grey health. This can be paired with items like the Quilted Heart relic option, which heals you every time you dodge. In addition, I have found that the Misty Step provides better invincibility frames which are where the Misty Step is fantastic.

How to get Blood Moon in Remnant 2

Blood Moon Remnant 2

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One of the most important aspects of getting Misty Step in Remnant 2 is completing the required steps during a Blood Moon. Since a Blood Moon randomly happens, trying to get one can be frustrating. However, after hours of playing, I have found the below steps can help you get one much sooner:

  1. Go to the Cathedral of Omens via Ward 13
  2. Look into the distance and see if a Blood Moon is there
    1. You can tell if it is a Blood Moon because you will see a reddish light flowing downwards in the distance.
  3. If you don’t see a Blood Moon go through the doorway to the connected zone to see if there is a Blood Moon now.
  4. If not, return to Ward 13
  5. Go back to the Cathedral of Omens again
  6. Repeat until you finally get a Blood Moon

I recommend visiting the connected zone before returning to your last checkpoint because it increases the likelihood of a Blood Moon occurrence in all Yaesha zones. If a Blood Moon appears, refrain from using Checkpoint crystals and head back through the door. The Blood Moon will be active in the Cathedral of Omens, allowing you to obtain the Ring of Omens after completing the puzzle.

How to Get the Ring of Omens

Cathedral Of Omens Puzzle Mechanism Remnant 2

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You only need to solve one of the Cathedral of Omens puzzles to get the Ring of Omens. Pull the first lever once (near the chamber’s entrance) and the far-right lever four times. Once you get the Objective Success message, turn around, and the red door behind you will open. Head into the room and a red slab will slide open, revealing a chamber below. Climb down, and the Ring of Omens will be below. Note: After collecting the ring, I found that the slab will no longer open after returning to this area.

How to get Death’s Embrace

Bedell The Vaunnt Remnant 2

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You can find Death’s Embrace by purchasing it from Bedel of the Vaunnt for 1000 Scrap. This is the easiest amulet to locate if you want the Misty Step upgrade and don’t care about your amulet as much. When you first enter the Yaesha Biome that starts the Forbidden Grove, Bedel of the Vaunnt sits nearby.

How to get Full Moon Circlet

Imperial Gardens Remnant 2

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To acquire the Full Moon Circlet, you must journey to the Imperial Gardens during the version of Yaesha that starts at Red Throne and have a Blood Moon in progress. The amulet can be found in a secret room beneath a trapdoor adorned with a golden full moon crest. The trapdoor can be found at the base of a statue near the ruins’ entrance. Take the first left before the stairs, and you’ll find the statue around the bend.

How to get Necklace of Flowing Life

The Chimney Remnant 2

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The Necklace of Flowing Life in dungeons like The Chimney or The Lament. Unfortunately, you will need to search both locations due to how the game randomly generates. Once in one of the dungeons, you will want to look for a rectangular-shaped room as marked above. This room will have a chest to loot, but more importantly, it will have an illusionary wall you can just walk through. This room hides a large area where the Necklace of Flowing Life is hidden.

How to get Ravager’s Mark

Ravanger's Lair Remnant 2

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The Ravager’s Mark can be obtained when you reach the Ravager’s Lair at the end of the Yaesha Biome. After arriving at this area, you can spare the Doe or fight the Ravager. To obtain the Ravager’s Mark, you must kill the Doe and will be given the amulet as a reward for doing so.

How to get Red Doe Sigil

Eternal Empress Remnant 2

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The Red Doe Sigil can only be obtained at the Yaesha Biome if it begins at the Red Throne. Once at this location, head to the throne room and choose all friendly and cooperative speech choices when you speak with the Eternal Empress. After that, you must continue until you reach The Widow’s Court area. You will be rewarded for bringing the Ornate Lockbox to The Eternal Empress without opening it.

How to get Talisman of the Sun

Forgotten Field Remnant 2

Image: Gunfire Games

The Talisman of the Sun can be found in the Forgotten Field at the location marked on the map above. You’ll need to go through the path to reach a chest at the end, which contains the Talisman of the Sun as a reward.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Remnant 2 on Steam Deck.

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