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How to use the Utilities Projector to project any Echo in Wuthering Waves

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Wuthering Waves doesn’t explain everything. It would make sense to hold your hand at least for the first few hours in a game with a lot going on. A good example of this is confirming the patrol route. Another is the Utilities Projector which you may have to find on your own. However, this guide could show you how to use the Utilities Projector to project an Echo in Wuthering Waves. 

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Wuthering Waves: How to use Utilities Projector to project any Echo

The funny thing about this gadget is that you may have it and not know that you do. Because of that, I can’t pinpoint the exact moment you get it. It could be when you unlock the other Utilities like the Levitator which is part of the main quest. 

So first, let’s check if you even have the tool.

Locating and Equipping the Utilities Projector

To double-check if you have the Projector, hit your Escape Key on the keyboard. This will bring up your TerminalScroll over to the second page till you see the Utilities icon, it’ll be beside your Backpack. Now, tap the icon which will bring you to the Utility Wheel. 

By default, you should have the Sensor, Grapple, and Levitator already equipped. Select any of the empty slots and then select the Projector icon. However, if you don’t have this yet, make sure you do the Echoing Marhce quest, it might be associated with the Utilities. After you’ve tapped the Projector, click the Equip button at the bottom of the screen. 

Now you have the tool equipped, let’s start using it.

How to use the Projector

The Projector acts like any other tool in Wuthering Waves in that it gets its own dedicated hotkey which is T. For the Echo that’s being projected, it’ll be the one the character you’re currently using has equipped. For example, if you have Zig Zag equipped for Rover, that will be the one being projected

Wuthering Waves Using The Projector
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Not sure what to do with those strange yellow cracks in Wuthering Waves? 

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