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How to wait for Xiaoyu’s message in Wuthering Waves

You might want to sit down.

If there is something I won’t be able to do in Wuthering Waves without inevitably falling into utter anxious boredom, that is playing the waiting game. Here is how to wait for Xiaoyu’s message in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to wait for Xiaoyu’s message

Waiting for Xiaoyu’s message is the very first step of the Shadows of the Past exploration quest in Wuthering Waves. Exploration quests as a whole are unlocked after completing the Ominous Star main quest and Shadows of the Past is triggered after completing the previous exploration quest called Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life – which comes after We Promise, We Deliver. I know, that’s a whole exploration quest genealogy here.

If you are wondering whether you are experiencing a bug or the game is broken if you don’t receive Xiaoyu’s message soon, then here’s a little bit of information: there is nothing you can do in-game that will trigger Xiaoyu’s message. Yeah, I know, kind of annoying, especially if you try to wait for days using the wait mechanic. You see, to actually receive the message you are going to have to wait a whole 24 real-time hours from the moment you complete the Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life quest.

Wuthering Waves Wait For Xiaoyus Message
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Now, I know that’s a lot of time for the ones avid to play more Wuthering Waves – believe me, that’s me – but this will give you a chance to try more types of content like facing world bosses, completing side quests, and even just exploring the whole Solaris-3 world as a whole.

After all, the quest will require you to face a lot of icy foes, the Lampylumen Myriad boss, and countless lines of dialogues – oh, I know you love them too and you don’t skip them whatsoever – so you should probably be ready yourself up by leveling up your Resonators and your weapons – and your Echoes, for that matter.

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