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How to wait in every Fallout game explained

The waiting game.

The wasteland is a large and desolate place, full of horrors beyond the comprehension of the modern mind. However, despite its many terrors of Fallout, sometimes you just have to stand there and wait, sometimes for a solid 24 hours.

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How to wait in Fallout 3 and New Vegas

Waiting is a necessary part of anyone’s life. As they say, good things come to those who wait. In Fallout, the wait function can be used to pass time for an NPC to turn up, for an event to occur, or just so you don’t have to wander into a Deathclaw-infested hellscape in the dark. The method of waiting in Fallout 3 and New Vegas is the same, and here is how you go about it.

  • PC – Waiting on PC is set to the T button by default in Fallout.
  • Xbox – To wait in Fallout on Xbox, you must press the Back button.
  • PlayStation – To wait, you must press the Select button.
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The Resting status can also be triggered in all Fallout games by lying down in a bed. This is similar to waiting in that time passes, except Resting also heals. You may also gain the Well Rested perk.

How to wait in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has a slightly different method for waiting. You will need to find a chair, couch, or bench and take a seat. A prompt will appear asking how long you want to wait, be it one hour or 24. The last time I sat down for a solid 24 hours, I think I may have been playing a Fallout game, come to think of it.

How to wait in Fallout 76

Because of the nature of the online server of Fallout 76, you can no longer wait. This wouldn’t work with online servers. So now, you just have to deal with the wasteland like a real person. You can try disassociating.

It is still possible to sit and lie in a bed, though. Over time, while lying in a bed, you will receive health benefits. If you wait long enough in a bed, you will also receive the Well Rested Fallout perk.

Why can’t you wait in Fallout?

Sometimes you may be blocked from waiting or resting in Fallout due to certain parameters not being met. If you can’t rest or wait it will be because there are one of these issues.

  • Enemies nearby – Get out there and turn them into pink mist.
  • Trespassing – Alright, Goldilocks, get out of that bed; it isn’t yours.
  • Falling – Obviously.
  • Swimming – I don’t know what the world record for treading water is but don’t try breaking it.
  • In Dialogue – “So yeah, I said to him, uh… (waits 24 Hours)… That’s not a Radroach, that’s my wife!”
  • Being Irradiated – Don’t do that.

If you have worked your way through all the Fallout games, there are still plenty more like it out there.

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