How To Walk Around In Third Person Mode In Manor Lords
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How to walk around in third-person mode in Manor Lords

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While you’ll typically be managing your region from above, did you know you can walk around like your villagers do? Here’s how to walk around in third-person mode in Manor Lords.

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Manor Lords: How to walk around in third-person mode

Manor Lords is a relaxing city-builder and army strategy game mixed into one. Although you play as the region’s lord and see things from an overview perspective, there’s a way to get down to your villagers’ levels to see what it’s like from their point of view. You can walk around in third-person mode in Manor Lords by pressing the eye icon in the top right corner of your screen.

How To Walk Around In Third Person Mode In Manor Lords Eye Icon
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In the top-right corner you’ll see your portrait, and on your portrait is a button with an eye icon. Selecting this will enact Visit Mode, which allows you to walk around your village in third-person mode. As a reminder, this is a feature that’s very early in development, so you can expect glitches. Luckily, I didn’t run into any glitches and was able to enjoy walking around in person.

Unfortunately, you don’t look like the portrait you chose, but perhaps that’ll be implemented in the game’s future. You can now take your time admiring your hard work, and you can people-watch all your increasing population.

How To Walk Around In Third Person Mode In Manor Lords Visit Mode
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It would also be neat to see features arrive in the future like the ability to speak with your townsfolk. Maybe if you speak with them they could give you advice on what they’d like to see built or how happy they are, similar to how the Sim City games worked.

Nevertheless, Visit Mode is a fun mode to play around with if you’re done with constructing buildings and simply feel like walking around in your settlement. Speaking of settlements, you’ll want to know how to upgrade your settlement if you want a nicer village to walk around in.

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