HoYoverse broke Genshin Impact’s chat system

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Genshin Impact is a great game to play with friends, with a robust co-op system where you can do daily quests, explore the overworld, and challenge weekly bosses together. Players often use the chat feature to communicate with one another, but recently, the community has noticed HoYoverse have, essentially, broken the chat function by introducing new swear filters that may be just a bit too strict.

A post by Reddit user u/HereForGames blasted HoYoverse for Genshin Impact’s updated filter system, calling it “dramatically worse” and rendering any conversation “unreadable.” As noticed by this user, players can no longer type out certain letter combos in a move that completely breaks chat. An example provided by the user reveals that if you wanted to say “there’s a melusine in the castle, mi amigo,” this would translate into “there’s a **lusine in the **stle, ** a**go.”

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It doesn’t make much sense to me for HoYoverse to purposefully censor out letter combinations like “me, ca, and mi,” which makes me think this is probably closer to a bug. Still, it’s always amusing to see players unable to even type out words that exist in the game. One poster showed the words “can’t, name, and nation” all completely censored. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to just be an NA issue, as Neuvillette’s name is reportedly censored in Chinese as well.

HoYoverse currently has not released a statement over the chat issues, but my money is on some sort of unintentional quirk that will hopefully be sorted out soon. Even though co-op might play a bit scuffed, there’s still plenty to do in Genshin Impact, with a new version releasing on November 8, introducing two new characters: Charlotte and Furina. Be sure to check out the newest version, and check out the rest of our Genshin Impact posts here.

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