HoYoverse officially reveals Navia and Chevreuse for Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Version 4.2 is on the verge of release, and just like prior versions, HoYoverse is teasing new characters beyond what we’re getting in Version 4.2. In a classic “drip marketing” campaign, HoYoverse revealed two new characters that will arrive in Version 4.3, Navia and Chevreuse, who will follow the characters Furina and Charlotte from Version 4.2.

These two new characters were announced through Genshin Impact’s official Twitter page. Navia will be a 5-star Geo character, which makes her the first 5-star Geo character to be released since Arataki Itto back in December 2021. If you aren’t a stone-cold Geo fan like I am, you might find something more to enjoy with Chevreuse, a Pyro character who’s pictured wielding a pretty fancy gun.

Players who have kept up to date with Fontaine’s Archon Quest storyline will recognize Navia as the president of the Spina di Rosula, while Chevreuse is a character mentioned only by name so far. These two characters will release one patch after Furina and Charlotte’s release.

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Image: HoYoverse

Here’s Navia’s official description: “When we were young, we used to play a kind of tabletop game where she would be the adventurer and I the host. Playing things by ear has always come naturally to me – but all the same, I was often stumped by her decisions and the ripostes she came out with. But then again, that’s what made it so interesting.” – Clorinde

Here’s Chevreuse’s official description: “…Captain Chevreuse, once again I implore you, we must tighten up the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol’s entry requirements. Right now, we count among our members petty crooks who have burgled all over the Court of Fontaine, street fighters whose only concern is getting rich, and even a bandit whose band of cronies almost succeeded in robbing a bank! If you hadn’t personally caught him red-handed — scoping the place out under the guise of being an investor — they might very well have pulled it off… For pity’s sake, we’re supposed to be the Maison Gardiennage! Even if just to preserve our image, please consider doing something!”

Genshin Impact Version 4.2 will be released on November 8, 2023. Following the usual release pattern, Version 4.3 should be released close to December 20, 2023.

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