HoYoverse releases statement on devastating Genshin Impact Kaveh hack

Genshin Impact Kaveh
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Genshin Impact gamers were left stunned after hearing reports of a gamebreaking, yet undeniably amusing hack involving Kaveh that allowed players to delete in-game objects and bosses from the game. And by deleting, we mean deleting. Kaveh, a beloved Dendro character renowned for his goofiness and bumbling personality, was turned into a horrifying villain in-game as he was able to wipe away certain features of the game permanently in co-op mode. While no one could expect Kaveh to turn into an asset assassin, HoYoverse has issued a prompt statement and fixed the issue.

So what is this exploit that was purportedly going around? The specifics of the exploit are unclear, but the suspected issue was allowing Kaveh to read in-game objects as “Bloom” cores. Kaveh’s Elemental Skill allows him to detonate Bloom cores, and players have supposedly used plugins to regard in-game items as Bloom cores, allowing Kaveh to detonate them and delete them from the game permanently. This includes items such as Seelies, Elemental Monuments, and even bosses such as Azhdaha.

Genshin Impact Kaveh hack goes awry

While the legitimacy of this hack was initially questioned, HoYoverse seems to have confirmed this issue to be real, issuing a statement on August 28 over the issue. According to HoYoverse, some players have been “using plugins to tamper with game data and intentionally disrupt the gaming experience of other Travelers [in Co-Op mode].” HoYoverse added these plugins were patched on August 25, and most players affected by this hack should have had their in-game items restored on August 26.

It was admittedly amusing to see clips of Kaveh becoming a world destroyer, especially knowing how he acts in-game. But all chaotically evil things must eventually come to an end. If you were affected by this hack and have not had your in-game items returned yet, HoYoverse encourages those players to contact customer support to get the issue sorted out. You can check out the full statement here.

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