Batman Arkham Origins Hunter Hunted - 01

I am of the opinion that Batman should play the theme music from the 60s show as he sneaks up on thugs, gradually getting louder as he approaches. Sort of like the Jaws theme, only much funnier.

Despite being a tad disappointed with the game in general, I rather liked Batman: Arkham Origins‘ multiplayer mode. I mean, not counting the fact that it lost my progress after every single match. That was a bit rubbish.

Today marks the addition of Hunter, Hunted mode to the game, which takes roughly the same concept – Joker thugs vs Bane thugs vs Batman, as Robin apparently isn’t in this mode – and then completely removes respawns. This is an idea I rather like; not only will it force Batman into being exceptionally careful, but it also means that his occasional appearances to knock out an errant thug who strayed too far from his teammates will actually have a serious impact on the game.

If I understand correctly then this mode is free, and should be accessible right now just by logging into the game itself. On the other hand, my copy of Batman: Arkham Origins hasn’t updated on Steam yet, so…

Batman Arkham Origins Hunter Hunted - 02

Tim McDonald
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