Hyper Scape guide: How to maximize your chances of getting more wins

Hyper Scape Season 1

Hyper Scape is a brand-new battle royale developed by Ubisoft, and players have already been captivated by its futuristic concept and fast-paced action. Achieving a victory in any battle royale can be difficult though, especially in a brand new title. Making the most out the mechanics and weapons is critical for gaining more eliminations and landing Hyper Scape wins.

Dropping into Hyper Scape

Selecting where you drop will of course make a huge impact in how the match plays out. If your aim is to survive and play the match out for better gear, you should drop in areas that are on the outskirts of the map. However, if you are looking to take a risk, landing in sectors such as Limelight can reward you with many kills and high-level loot.

Additionally, keeping an eye on the mini-map is important during your matches. Hyper Scape uses a system of collapsing sectors, rather than a storm circle. To make sure you do not get stuck in a closing sector, you should be aware of your surroundings and exit routes. Staying near active sectors can make moving around the map much safer.

Hyper Scape wins Landing

When it comes to guns, finding the right combinations for your playstyle is key. Although the majority of the weapons in Hyper Scape appear to have a slow fire rate, this is balanced by the fast time to kill. You may want to run an assault rifle and a submachine gun like a traditional battle royale. On the other hand, if you prefer sniping, the Protocol V could be the weapon for you.

Making the most of weapons and hacks

One unique feature of Hyper Scape is the ability to fuse weapons and hacks. While exploring the map, if you find a duplicate of a weapon or hack that is in your inventory, you can pick them up to fuse them together. For weapons, this gives them a damage boost and a higher magazine capacity. Fusing a hack will improve the cooldown time. Weapons and hacks can be fused up to four times. If you are lucky enough to find a loot crate, smash it open and you may find a weapon that has already been fused. In late game situations, it can come down to who has the most upgraded gear.

Hyper Scape wins Weapons

Just like in any battle royale, having a height advantage is important. Hyper Scape’s streets and buildings allow you to venture to new heights. Not only can you take advantage of the long range weapons with elevation, but you can scout your surroundings for enemy players too. Furthermore, taking advantage of the in-game mechanics can be rewarding in Hyper Scape. Jump pads, double jumping, and sliding can make you a more difficult target to hit in a gunfight.

In the end, the winner is either the last player alive, or the first to secure the crown which spawns in the final sector. It is important to note that grabbing the crown will reveal your location though. To combat this, mobility hacks such as teleport can play a huge part in earning Hyper Scape wins.

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