Icarus: Kill List Extermination Guide — Lethal Predator Tracks and Den

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks

One of the earliest Prospect missions in Icarus is called Kill List Extermination. In it, you’ll have to track down and eliminate a deadly creature. Here’s our Icarus guide to help you with the Kill List Extermination mission and the Lethal Predator.

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Icarus: Kill List Extermination Prospect Mission Guide – Tracking Down and Eliminating the Lethal Predator

Similar to the Livewire Terrain Scan mission in Icarus, you’ll want to level up a bit and prep by gathering materials to ensure that you’ve got the right tools for the job:

  • Wood Bow (30x fiber, 24x stick) and either Stone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 1x stone) or Bone Arrows (1x fiber, 1x stick, 5x bone) – We’ll primarily use the bow to take out the target.
  • Bedroll (20x fiber, 10x stick, 20x fur, 10x leather) and various wooden fixtures – Keep at least one bedroll so it can be used as a makeshift spawn point.

Track Location #1

Our initial goal in the Kill List Extermination mission in Icarus is to find the Lethal Predator’s tracks. The first one will appear on your map just southwest of the dropship. You’ll see the blood and tracks in a clearing (G15).

Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 1

Track Location #2

After interacting with the first spot, the second location will appear. It’s further northeast of the dropship. You should see the bloody tracks at the edge of the tree line near the sloping path (I13).

Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 2

Track Location #3

The third spot is directly east of your current location. Follow the base of the mountain as it loops around to see the carcass (K13).

Icrsrv Ms2 Klxtrm 3

Lethal Predator’s Den

Once you’ve interacted with the third carcass, you’re told that the Lethal Predator’s den in Icarus is somewhere in the area. However, it’ll only get marked on your map once it’s nighttime (i.e., 1800 to 0400).

The den itself is south of location #3, past ravines and ridges (J16). The Lethal Predator, which can have different names like Kanis the Victor or Shakur the Sleeper, will spawn when it’s night. But, if you could get there while the sun’s still up, you could get the jump on it.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 1

Killing the Lethal Predator in Icarus

A good idea is to place a Wooden Ramp (12x fiber and 20x wood), allowing you to go on top of a rock formation. You can stay on this spot, sniping the Lethal Predator with ease. In some cases, its script will get bugged as well, and it’ll just stay at the entrance of its den, poking its head out to get hit by your arrows.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 2

If the Lethal Predator’s script is working and you can’t find a better vantage point, then get ready for a hectic bout. From time to time, it’ll run inside one of the dens and regenerate a bit of HP. Then, it’ll howl and summon a couple of pack wolves. If you’re lucky (i.e., the script is working and you can reach a higher area), then you can snipe the Lethal Predator and every wolf that it spawns for some additional XP.

Whatever the case may be, you can just head back to the dropship after killing the Lethal Predator (you don’t need to bring its carcass). This will complete the Kill List Extermination Prospect mission in Icarus.

Note: There seems to be a bug that prevents people from obtaining currency rewards if they’re playing offline.

Icarus Kill List Extermination Lethal Predator Den Tracks 3

Icarus is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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