Independently financed publisher conquers space as a winning business strategy

During the past five years and through one of the toughest periods in recent economic history, Iceberg Interactive has strived to become a major force in PC game publishing by striking a rich vein of gold in the dark reaches of space and fantasy. By concentrating on a small number of niche genres that continue to grow in popularity including space and fantasy worlds, 4X, strategy, and simulation, Iceberg Interactive is celebrating its fifth year of growth with its biggest, most impressive line-up to date.

Headlining the five-game 2014 roster is Amplitude Studios’ fantasy-based 4X game  Endless Legend, the 4X space strategy title StarDrive 2, the space simStarpoint Gemini 2, the 4X space strategy title Lords of the Black Sun, and the arcade combat flight game, Vector Thrust, the majority of which are currently in Steam’s Early Access program.

Since its inception in 2009, Iceberg Interactive has carved out a unique niche as a resilient, resourceful, and fleet-footed indie publisher. By taking risks with rookie developers, managing its costs wisely, and investing in genres that big publishers have left for dead, Iceberg has positioned itself as a leader in the 4X, sci-fi, and strategy genres.

“Iceberg’s progress to date stems from the fact that we are all gamers, and we like to play the games we publish – this gives us a certain affinity with our customers – we are all about games, and it reflects in the deep, rich games we publish,” says Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive. “The demand for strategy, 4X, and space games never stops. It’s just that most of the larger publishers feel that, because these games aren’t multi-million unit sellers, they are not commercially viable. This is where we see our opportunity. PC gamers are a very vocal lot, and have responded in kind by letting us know how much they love our games and consistently ask us to keep them coming.”

Among the 70-plus titles published and distributed since 2009, Iceberg has created a name for itself with standout titles Killing Floor, Wings of Prey, Armada 2526, Starpoint Gemini, APB Reloaded and Dark Fall: Lost Souls. More recent hits include Horizon, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Endless Space, and StarDrive.

Erik Schreuder is available for interviews to reveal how Iceberg’s strategies and approaches to the indie PC market, its knowledge of Steam, and its passionate embrace of the 4X strategy genre, have buoyed the company and carved out a reliable niche for growth.

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