Loadedinc was able to link up with Henning Rokling, Managing Director of Innerloop for some of his thoughts on their upcoming sequel to I’m Going In, IGI2: Covert Strike. We asked Mr. Rokling some questions about Innerloop’s first I’m Going In (Project IGI) game and what we should expect from IGI2: Covert Strike. As you will learn from this interview, some of our questions were of a sensitive nature and this might explain why we haven’t heard from our interviewer, Jimyd since he uploaded this interview. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we learn more information. Now on to the interview.Can you tell us some of the challenges involved in making IGI2: Covert Strike a new experience but yet keeping it faithful to the original game?

Implementing a save-game feature while retaining the tension that made the first game successful is quite a challenge. Tuning the multiplayer experience is another one.One of the biggest gripes with IGI was the lack of a mid-level save feature. Did this backlash surprise you?AWell, we knew some people would love it and others hate it. Unfortunately, some of the levels got too big and that’s what makes it unfair to the player. In the smaller levels of the first game it worked exactly as we envisioned.Aliens vs. Predator received similar feedback and a patch was produced to add a save feature to the game. Was there a reason why Innerloop didn’t go back and do the same for IGI? How is the save issue being addressed in IGI2: Covert Strike?Implementing a save-game, as a quick fix would have ruined the balance of Project IGI. In IGI2 Covert Strike, saving will be a time-based action. This means that you can’t just press a button, but have to find a quiet spot where you can upload the relevant information to your headquarters.The tactical shooter market is starting to get a ittle crowded with the release of games such as Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint, along with stalwarts such as the Rainbow Six and the Delta Force series. How do you feel the IGI series is different from the competition?I think the main difference is the freedom of choice. You can choose to play it in a fast-paced Quake-style way, but you can also focus on stealth and a careful approach to progress. This is something we are focusing on for IGI 2, something which will be much more important than in Project IGI.IGI was known more for its “sneaker” qualities. Can we expect more of the same with IGI2: Covert Strike or will things open up where you can go into battle with “guns-a-blazing?”Definitely more of each.Will the gameplay character, Jones have the capability to use vehicles in IGI2: Covert Strike?Jones will operate vehicles, but the player will not be able to drive them.We know IGI’s premise is about the lone operative taking out terrorist vermin but have you guys ever kicked around the idea of adding a fighting companion (or team) to help Jones out?A veil of mystery is cloaked around the IGI-organisation, and this is the kind of question we shouldn’t comment on. :)Is multiplayer planned for IGI2: Covert Strike? Can you tell us the different types of multiplayer games?Yes. Instead of thinking “game-modes”, each level works differently. We are still not ready to comment too much on this.Is there a possibility of the IGI series finding a home on a console system some time down the road?We have heard of stranger things before.When is IGI2: Covert Strike scheduled for release?June of this year.Loadedinc wants to thank Henning Rokling for his time in answering our questions as we look forward to the upcoming release of Innerloop’s tactical shooter, IGI2: Covert Strike.

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