Imminent tears: GamesCom’s Dark Souls 2 screenshots aren’t especially new

dark souls 2 (8)
This is either a great time to hit him, or to roll the hell away.

Sometimes GamesCom brings us new, thrilling information about games and sometimes it just kind of refreshes our memory of stuff that’s already been shown. That’s pretty much the case with these Dark Souls 2 shots. They’re ‘new’ in the sense that I’ve not seen these specific images before, but not so new in what they show.

It’s our old friends Turtle Knight and Mirror Knight from previous gameplay demonstrations and E3 reports. There may be more to come though, since a teaser trailer last week, you know, teased something.

For now enjoy these sort of new images and imagine what kind of pain may be caused by each and every one of them. Even the one that just has a bonfire in it (who knows, maybe bonfires will TRY TO KILL YOU now.)

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