It’s a deadly duo (well, ok, a fairly mild duo) in the pod this week, as Peter and Tim put on their wizard hats and cloaks for Warlock: Master of the Arcane.
    After that, it’s down the mine for a spot of Minecraft Xbox 360 chat. Will the console edition find a rich vein of gaming mineral goodness, or will the canary die first? The news quiz takes a holiday due to lack of contestants, with a spotlight on the confirmation of The Elder Scrolls Online taking its place.
    Why on earth has this resolutely single player series opted to become an MMO, and what will it have to do to stand a chance of success (or, more importantly, of being in any way interesting)?
    Find out the answers to all of the above, and more, in the latest IncGamers Podcast. The full vidcast will return soon. As ever, previous episodes are available from iTunes.

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