Dragon Age: Inquisition tactical camera 2

One of the offending features.

The time has come to reveal which line in the pre-release Dragon Age: Inquisition PC hype video IncGamers readers found to be the most misleading. We had a lot of interest in this poll and, unfortunately, some early voting issues. Apologies to anybody who attempted to cast a vote while the poll wasn’t really registering anything.

Still, even with those problems we managed to get the opinions of hundreds of rather annoyed owners of Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC.

We asked: “What’s the most misleading line from the pre-release Dragon Age: Inquisition PC hype video?” (This video, for those who don’t know.)

In ascending order of misleading … ness, 4% of voters said that “With Inquisition we’ve kept that [PC] legacy” was the most dubious statement. 6% felt that “The combat HUD was created specifically for PC” was a bit dodgy. 12% decided that the video title itself, “Made for PC Gamers by PC Gamers,” was rich with irony. While 24% were pretty sure that “The tactical camera … is just like you’d expect from Origins. You’ll be super, super pleased with it” was an outright lie.

But the winner, by a massive margin, was “All of the above” with 54% of the vote.

A majority of our readers were in agreement that large portions of BioWare’s pre-release video for the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition were half-truths. Here’s the final poll:

[poll id=”14″]

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