IncGamers readers opt for supported teams in Football Manager 2015

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I don’t actually support Berwick Rangers, I’m just one of those “lower league” guys.

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Since this was Football Manager 2015 release week, our regular IncGamers poll asked about the types of team players tend to gravitate towards when they play the series. We (well, honestly, I) wanted to know whether people who opt for the team they support, a lower league challenge, or one of the glittering behemoths of football.

As it turns out, the majority of people who responded to the query (43%) said they “always go for the team I support in real life.” No wonder the lure of an annual roster update is so great.

The next most popular answer came, I suspect, from the portion of our readership who aren’t enamored by the charms of Football Manager 2015. 33% told IncGamers that “spreadsheets aren’t a game, you’re all nuts.” Some blatant mocking of the mentally ill, there. I shall be informing FIFA immediately.

That left 18% of respondents who went for someone in the lower leagues “every time,” and just 6% who go straight for the top and manage one of football’s more famous outfits. Though there’s presumably cross-over with both of those with the supported team reply.

Here are the final poll results. There’ll be a brand new poll appearing on the site in the next day or so. It’ll probably be about DRM, and will have an accompanying news piece drawing attention to it.

[poll id=”11″]

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