Indivisible Kala first fight guide

Much like some of the other bosses in Indivisible, Kala’s first form can be kind of annoying if you don’t know what to do. And if you misunderstand something and mess up, you have to start the section over again from the beginning. So, here’s how to deal with her.

During this fight, you don’t actually fight Kala herself. You take control of Dhar and whichever three party members you have selected and hit giant Ajna. But the object you’re riding will only float to the far right. So you need to make sure the right-most piece of Ajna is what you have selected. If you select another piece, the character will just fall over the side.

Now, your goal here isn’t to do damage, but rather to fill up the Iddhi meter so that Ajna can attack Kala. You want to do this a few times while staying alive. Make sure to block any attacks that come your way, and you’ll come through the other side without issue.

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Andrew Farrell
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