how to get Phoebe in Indivisible

Phoebe is one of the strongest characters in Indivisible. On account of that, you’re going to want her in your party during a pinch. But where do you find her and how do you get her to join you? Before departing Port Maerifa with Baozhai, go back to where the old man with the hat is. There, you’ll see a purple-haired woman with her daughters. Simply talk to her and she’ll express interest in wanting to spar with you.

After this, head to the right until you’re back in the desert. You’ll find Phoebe waiting for you right outside the gates of Maerifa. This fight seems a hell of a lot harder than it is at first blush. But keep in mind this is meant to be more of a skill check than anything else. However, this skill check can put some real hurt on your party. If Phoebe hits any of your party members directly, they’re going to die.

So, what do you do? Well, Phoebe only uses one attack — throwing her spear. All you have to do is perfectly block this, which will result in you taking no damage. You’re gonna have to do this almost every time, but you can resurrect if you have the Iddhi. It’s worth mentioning that Phoebe can hit both of your party members in the center with her attack, so you’re probably going to want to just let one of them die. Once you beat her, she joins up with you.

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