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Infinite Crisis behind-the-scenes video shows off mass destruction

Infinite Crisis Shazam

What defines a superhero? A selfless nature? Saving people from certain doom? Battling supervillains in far-flung locations? Nah. It’s all about smashing shit up.

That’s the impression I get from the latest behind-the-scenes video for DC’s MOBA Infinite Crisis, anyway, as it focuses on both the destructible environments and the “catastrophic events” that dramatically change the map. If you’re not throwing cars, smashing buildings, and cracking the pavement with every step you take, you’re just not super.

Equally, there are the catastrophic events that occur on the map – things like, say, a meteor smashing into the ground. Maybe that’ll block off certain routes. Maybe it’ll open up others. Maybe it’ll turn a dense, tight area perfect for juking into a wide-open sprawl of scorched earth and shattered buildings.

Have a looksee at the behind-the-scenes video below, and bear in mind you can sign up for the closed beta over here.

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