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After beating the Photographer and Archivist, we’ll make our way to the western section of Botopia. There are two more uberbots that we need to defeat. Here’s our Inscryption Act 3 boss guide guide to help you beat the Painter and Golly.

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Inscryption Act 3 boss guide – How to beat the Painter and Golly uberbots

Once you reach the western crossroads, you’ll have no choice but to head south. Eventually, P03 will ask you to solve factory puzzles to get the Gem Drone. This will let you pass and, after a bit of exploration, you’ll reach the Painter’s tower.

Inscryption Act 3 boss – The Painter

  • Mini-dungeon tip – Interact with the radar dish so you can reach the northern section of the zone later. There’s also a shop here which has a clue for the Cuckoo Clock puzzle.
  • Boss mechanic – The Painter boss in Act 3 of Inscryption is basically an empty canvas. You’re the one who needs to decide on which modifiers it’ll have. You’ll be asked three times throughout the battle for a combination that you prefer (you cannot repeat the combinations that you’ve already chosen). Here are my suggestions:
    • Every time your turn starts -> I play a L33pb0t.
    • Every time you play a card -> I play a L33pb0t.
    • Every time you play a card -> One of my cards gains Nano Armor.
    • The reason we’re opting for those choices above is because the L33pb0t only has a 0/2 stat line. It can block Airborne cards, but that sigil is useless if you’re not using those types of drones anyway.
  • Phase 2 difference – The only key difference in phase 2 is that the Painter fills its side of the board with Broken Bots (they’ll explode and kill the cards that are opposite and next to them).

Inscryption Act 3 boss – Golly

  • Mini-dungeon tip #1 – Since you activated the radar dish in the Painter’s tower, you can head north to Golly’s zone. The goal here is to go to the four corners of the outer area to find ladders. They’ll lead you to other radar dishes. Once four have been activated, the central area has a beam that pulls you up.
  • Mini-dungeon tip #2 – If you see an icon of two crossed wreches, these let you create a custom card for your deck. It’s also part of the printer puzzle in the factory.
  • Boss mechanic – There’s no doubt in my mind that Golly has the most interesting boss mechanic in Act 3 of Inscryption. Heck, we can say that she has the most interesting mechanic out of all the bosses in this game. Basically, it involves your Steam friends and other players:
    • Golly will “connect to the web” in such a giddy fashion. She tells you that someone is sending you a card. These are the ones made by other players while they were fighting her. It’s possible for you to get something decent, or you could end up with a card that’s meant to troll you.
    • You’ll then see cards denoting your Steam friends (they’d have their own stats even if they don’t play Inscryption).
    • The biggest problem you’ll have throughout the fight is attrition and bad luck. Golly loves to send out cards with high ATK. If you’re unable to block these cards, you’ll suffer from burst damage and die quickly.
  • Phase 2 card creation – On phase 2, Golly will ask you to make your own card. This will be sent to other players. If no one picks it up, you can use it instead. Here’s what I suggest:
    • 3/1 with 1 energy cost; Unkillable and Brittle.
    • You’ll have something that can hit hard. It’ll die after attacking, but it will return to your hand. Due to the low cost, you can keep playing it over and over on the same turn.

What happens next?

Golly is the fourth boss in Act 3 of Inscryption. After you defeat her, P03 will ask you to repair the security camera. The thing is, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. Instead, make your way back to the area where you got the Gem Drone. Remember that terminal that was trying to connect to a network? It will now ask if you’re a robot. Reply that you aren’t.

You’ll be teleported to a dark chamber where Grimora, Leshy, and Magnificus are waiting. It seems that they have a plan to stop P03. All you need to do is continue playing. This will lead you to Inscryption‘s finale and ending.

Inscryption Act 3 Boss Guide Painter Canvas Boss Golly Boss Golly Card Friends 2

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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