Intel used the 2012 CES International (a major trade show for consumer technology) to demonstrate what gaming might look like on its forthcoming Ivy Bridge line of processors. If Sandy Bridge is anything to go by Intel probably doesn’t have too much to worry about, so it was strange to see such an utterly bizarre demonstration.
An F1 driving title was used to demo the chip, and our hapless presenter had a full driving wheel and pedal set-up hooked up to the demonstration laptop. However, at multiple points you can clearly see that the ‘live’ gameplay is just a video playback, as media player controls pop up and the images noticeably stutter.
Was this all part of some elaborate joke? At the conclusion, the exasperated presenter says “this was all controlled backstage,” (also clearly not true) but that seems more like an attempt to save face after such a farce than anything else.
Watch for yourself, and enjoy.

Video courtesy of IDG

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