Trackmania 2: Valley

Hot on the wheels of last week’s Trackmania 2: Stadium release, Nadeo sends over word that the next add-on, Valley, will be available on 4 July. Celebrate American independence by driving your car through some lush trees and foliage. Alternatively, ignore American independence by focusing very hard on driving your car through … etc.

Just like Stadium before it, Trackmania 2: Valley will come with a bunch of new solo courses to try out (65, in all,) and is also promising “new, rally-style handling.” Plus the usual online multiplayer stuff and Valley tileset for the included level editor. I’d imagine it will cost the same too, although the press release doesn’t mention that. Stadium was priced at $10.00 USD.

In case you think Nadeo is being a bit cheeky releasing all these add-ons at (almost) the same time, founder Florent Castelnerac has some words for you:

As we were co-developing Stadium and Valley concurrently it meant we finished development of each around the same time. We could have chosen to postpone the release of one of these two titles, but we rather preferred to launch both games as soon as possible, thinking that this is what players would want for the summer.

So in case you were thinking that you didn’t actually want this, you did in fact want this.

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