The primary focus of Ooblets is to collect a variety of them to help you out in dance battles and on your farm. However, you may want to release some Ooblets if you have too many or if you have more than one of the same Ooblet. Right now, this feature is not available, and you cannot release any Ooblets. It is important to note that Ooblets is currently in the early access stages, which means a fix for this could be coming soon. However, there are some ways in which unwanted Ooblets can still be used, for example, to work in Oobcoops.

Creating storage for the Ooblets you want to release

One way that you can combat this problem is to invest in Oobcoops. These are buildings that house your Ooblets and they can be upgraded to unlock more Ooblet storage space. You can craft an Oobcoop by unlocking the blueprint and then visiting the Manatwee shop. Here, you will find a machine close to the entrance that you can interact with. The materials needed to craft an Oobcoop include the following: 3 clothlet, 15 nurny, 10 planklets, and 1 oobsidian. Once you have completed this, the Oobcoop can be found in your inventory.

Oobcoops help with unwanted Ooblets

Making use of Oobcoops on your farm

Leveling up Oobcoops will allow you to house more Ooblets and increase the growth of nearby crops. A level 1 coop will house 1 Ooblet and increase the growth of nearby crops by 5%. This compared to a level 4 coop which houses 4 Ooblets and increases the growth of nearby crops by 40%. Early on in the game, it is not likely that you will have multiple Oobcoops, meaning you should prioritize where you set your Ooblets to work. This means that you should place slower-growing plants around the coops. An example of this is Clothplants which take a total of three days to grow.

Even though you can not release unwanted Ooblets, you can make good use of them by spreading them around your farm. You should also be mindful of how many of the same Ooblet you grow.

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