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Is Justin Roiland in High on Knife?

Will Kenny have a voice change, or will he be ditched?

High on Knife is the absurd and incredible DLC for High on Life, bringing all of your favorite things over from the main experience and adding to them. Well, almost. As you’re aware, Justin Roiland, the voice actor of beloved Gatlian Kenny, has been charged with serious allegations, twice. All the projects and products he’s worked on have cut ties with him, but does this extend to High on Life, a game he voiced many of the characters for, including Kenny, the first Gatlian you bump into? Will Justin Roiland be in High on Knife?

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Justin Roiland and High on Knife

Justin Roiland played a huge role in High on Life, playing Kenny, the first gun you get, and many other characters. Many players were only really attracted to the game due to his involvement, as Rick and Morty was taking the internet by storm, a show he co-created.

Justin Roiland

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Since his allegations, he has been removed from each product he’s been a part of, including High on Life. So, no, Justin Roiland is not in High on Knife at all. All the other characters are the same, with even new voice actors being added to the roster.

If you were concerned about his involvement, you can rest assured that he had no hand to play in the production of High on Knife.

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What happened to Kenny?

Kenny, the character Roiland mostly voice acted, played a huge part in High on Life. With such a change to one of the main characters, Kenny’s fate was in question.

To get around the voice actor being removed from production, Squanch Games could have changed the voice actor like what happened in Rick and Morty, but instead, they opted for removing the Gatlian from the game, and replacing Kenny with a Gatlian called Harper. Harper, mechanically, is the exact same as Kenny, with only aesthetic and behavioral differences. Honestly, Harper isn’t a jarring replacement and is actually entertaining.

Pleroxis In High On Knife

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Narratively, they do touch upon the loss of Kenny and the addition of Harper, although it’s more for the sake of punchlines and isn’t a satisfying explanation. Kenny was such a huge part of High on Life that I wanted more for the character’s send-off, instead of how it was handled.

It doesn’t take away from the game, though, and High on Knife is extremely fun and a huge recommendation from me if you enjoyed High on Life, with or without Justin Roiland.

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