Xdefiant Battle Pass
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Is the XDefiant Battle Pass worth it?

Save your money, they don't need it.

Every game has a Battle Pass these days, and none more so than free-to-play games. However, if XDefiant can be enjoyed just as much without paying anything, is it worth spending money on the XDefiant Battle Pass?

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Is the XDefiant Battle Pass worth your money?

There are two different types of Battle Passes you can buy. The cheapest comes in at 700 BP or around $7, and the upgraded version costs 1200 BP or $12. The cheaper option is simply the XDefiant Battle Pass alone which will require you to work your way up the ranks without any boosts. Paying that little bit more won’t get you better PC performance (could you imagine?), but it will result in 12 tier-skips, letting you get ahead of the game.

Ubisoft has been very frank about their “Philosophy” of not having any items paid to win. They have come right out and confessed that no matter how much you spend, you won’t be able to purchase items that will improve your chances over non-Battle Pass players. All factions and boosts that can be bought with the in-game currency can also be earned in-game. This might mean the XDefiant Battle Pass isn’t worth it for some.

Xdefiant Battle Pass
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I won’t applaud this behavior, as it should be a given. But it certainly hasn’t been in the past, especially for companies as greedy as Ubisoft. However, I feel that with releases such as Helldivers 2 and their approach to monetization, bigger companies have taken note — hopefully, anyway.

So, if you’re looking to get ahead of other players with the Battle Pass, it won’t be possible. But, if you just want some fly cosmetics, then purchase it. The Battle Pass will be worth it to flex on your opponents with nice new skins and camos in XDefiant. However, there are still free rewards available without buying it. They just won’t be as impressive.

XDefiant needs to stay non-pay to win

If XDefiant wants to be considered a serious FPS shooter, it needs to maintain the non-pay-to-win philosophy. As soon as a game allows players to start paying for items that give them an edge, the competition is over. However, Ubisoft is fantastically greedy. If enough people don’t think the Battle Pass of XDefiant is worth it, they’ll find a way to tempt people in.

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