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Co-op is term that’s loosely used these days for any such game that involves teamwork, however, some games truly mold the experience around the idea. It Takes Two seems like another one of those types of experiences, because it also involves an intimate relationship and attempts to teach an important life lesson. Toss in some high-quality graphics that even Pixar might envy along with some witty, bombastic humor, and you’ve got yourself a package that’s massively appealing.

It Takes Two was revealed tonight at the Game Awards along with a trailer that screams “mood” and an interesting offer we’ll talk more about a minute. The game is in development by Hazelight studio which is also known for its work on A Way Out. This project also involves the talented Josef Fares who voices an outspoken talking book called “The Book of Love.” You can call him Dr. Hakim for short though, because you’ll be seeing a lot of him in this story.


It Takes Two is about a married couple that’s struggling with their relationship. We don’t know all of the details, but they do wake up in the game to discover they’ve randomly been turned into dolls, which they are very unhappy about. Dr. Hakim has seemingly brought them to his fictitious world though to teach the two an important lesson about getting along. The game seemingly follows the quest for the couple to return to their ordinary lives, but they must learn to cherish each other again along the way. The voice acting and cutscenes are superb, and you might just feel yourself get hooked immediately on this one. The stellar music in the trailer certainly helps to do the trick.

When you play, you play together

The game will feature split-screen gameplay, but it goes far beyond the scope of just offering co-op. Fares revealed that anyone who buys the game can share it with a friend. You’ll certainly need them, as there’s no other way to play a co-op game like this. We should mention that splitscreen is naturally supported, but in a year where we’re all online and not very physical, this is a perfect deal.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait to much longer to experience this tale. It Takes Two will arrive on March 26, 2021. For the PC platform, it will be available via Steam or Origin. The description mentions that cross-platform play is not supported, so that likely applies to the PC client as well. Fortunately, that shouldn’t matter too much since you can bring someone along for the ride for free.

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