Jagex, developers of the Midnight Club series, is taking their racing knowledge to Facebook, with the Unity-powered Carnage Racing which launches today on the popular kitten picture sharing service. It’s both free-to-play and on Facebook, so prepare to be suitably nervous about Jagex studio director Jay Panek calling it “massively addictive”.

Warning sirens should be going off in your wallet around about now, because as well all know “free to play” actually means “lots and lots of small transactions that might seem attractive to a player gripped by an addictive game”.

With five cars (each with 50 upgrades) and five different weapons (47 upgrades there), I think I can guess where the “microtransactions” are going to be lurking.

Still, if you stick rigorously to the free parts of the game, you shouldn’t have to worry. Eight-way multiplayer races on 13 different tracks are promised for your enjoyment.

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