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You may recall back in 2007 when Midway released a game called Stranglehold for consoles. It was a wild run-and-gun shooter featuring Detective Tequila from John Woo’s Hard-Boiled film. It was released in physical form on PC back then, but obviously it is much harder to find now. At least, it was.

We’re happy to report that GOG has now made Stranglehold available for PC once more, for the low price of $9.99. The game has all the hard-hitting shoot-’em-up action you’d expect from a John Woo production, complete with Chow Yun-Fat returning as Tequila.

What is Stranglehold all about?

There are criminals that are up to no good, and only Detective Tequila can stop them! Over the course of the game, players will use a variety of weapons and slo-mo skills. These will enable the detective to bowl over enemies with the help of his Tequila Time techniques. These include concentrated bullets, slow-motion bullet dodging, and even destroying items in the environment. Who knew that a kerosene can would be able to knock out a few gangsters? (We did, actually.)

The game will take you across many stages as you shut down drug cartels, rip apart gangsters, and — maybe — live to tell the tale.

Stranglehold’s trailer, posted below, will give you a good idea of just what kind of run-and-gun action you’re in for. Alas, the Hard-Boiled movie that came with the PS3 Collector’s Edition of the game isn’t included. So you’ll still have to hunt down a Blu-ray copy of that — though it’s well worth it.

So grab those two guns, watch out for flying doves, and get into the action of Stranglehold right now. It takes up a mere 11.9 GB in hard drive space. Surely your PC can handle the insanity of Detective Tequila for a few hours, yes? You would think so…

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