Jurassic Park: The Game – Debut Trailer

Telltale has released a debut trailer for the other of its Universal Studios licenses (the first being Back to the Future,) Jurassic Park: The Game.
It’ll follow the usual Telltale model of episodic releases, beginning in April this year on PC and Mac. However, it’s bound to be a lot more serious in tone than previous Telltale titles and, in a first for the company, will use the third-person perspective.
That’s not to say it’ll be an action game, but the deadly spectre of ‘quicktime events’ has been raised.
Telltale has also confirmed yesterday’s reports that they will be working on a videogame interpretation of Fables. This will be an episodic affair too and, apparently, ‘multi-platform.’ No further details have been released.
The following trailer was first shown at GameTrailers.

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