The development team behind Just Cause 4 has released a slew of behind the scenes videos about the game. Each of the videos tackles a different aspect of the game’s development. There are five videos in total, each offering an in-depth look at what has made Just Cause 4 possible.

    The Just Cause 4 game engine

    The first video is titled “Apex Power” and discusses some of the attributes of the Apex Engine, the custom-built engine behind Just Cause 4. The new engine promises “dynamic weather patterns” and new terrain. Avalanche also promises it to be the “pinnacle” of technology and performance that the studio could create. Admittedly, the physics, terrain, and the environmental destruction are looking impressively polished up until this point in the game’s development.

    Nature everywhere!

    One of the initial standouts from the Just Cause 4 reveal during E3 2018 was the giant tornado that tore through the trailer. Rico will have yet another set of obstacles as Mother Nature tears through each of the environments, providing roadblocks like sandstorms, torrential rain, and other natural elements being put into the mix.

    What’s the one thing that can go up against a force of nature? It’s another force of nature.

    What’s impressive is that the Avalanche Studios admits that most of these elements are based on real-world observations and implementation of those occurrences. You can actually witness a storm form off in the distance, having the clouds and wind-swirls start to form. Before long, a storm will come together, even allowing you to skirt the funnel and toss enemies into its eye.

    Grapplin’ with the best of ’em

    Rico’s grapple in the Just Cause series is one of the most noticeable weapons in the game. Although, it is much more of a tool than anything. There are some changes coming to how the grapple is used, offering a few new tweaks to its abilities.

    The grapple hook was actually somebody’s lunch project back in Just Cause 1. That then became the core feature of the franchise.

    Some of the new additions surround the customization of the grappling hook. Things like tension, auto-retract, and even the speed at which it retracts can all be messed with. The developers promise it will be fully “customizable” and allow any number of abilities to be assigned to it.

    There are two additional developer diaries discussing more about Just Cause 4. One focuses on the game’s main character, Rico, while the other dives deeper into Solis, the fictional South American setting for the game.

    Just Cause 4 is due to release on December 4, 2018. Pre-orders for the game are now open.

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