Bash and smash in kaiju brawler GigaBash, which will finally release today

GigaBash release fire fists

The wait for developer Passion Republic Games’ wacky multiplayer kaiju brawler GigaBash has nearly come to an end. News surrounding the title has surfaced as far back as 2019, so those who found the concept too good to pass up have had plenty of time to let their hype for the game accumulate. But now, GigaBash will finally release today on the Epic Games Store, and apparently tomorrow on August 5 for Steam according to its store page. It will not take long at all before you can jump in and cause some mayhem.

According to a press release, GigaBash takes heavy inspiration from games like Power StoneSuper Smash Bros., and War of the Monsters with its arena-based gameplay. Additionally, the game’s aesthetic evokes the scale of old-school Tokusatsu movies like Ultraman and Godzilla, particularly with its playable Titan characters and fully destructible environments.


Taking down monsters and buildings in a host of game modes

GigaBash features a host of modes for players to try on release. Most will probably gravitate towards the Online Mode, which houses Free-for-All, Teamplay, and Duel Mode variants. Of course, not everyone wants to experience intense online competition all the time, so the game also offers a more casual party mode dubbed Mayhem Mode. Various kooky minigames await both experienced and inexperienced players in this mode, which can only be experienced locally unless you use remote play.

For those who want to fly solo, GigaBash contains a Story Mode that offers four brief campaigns to try. These campaigns star Gorogong, Pipijuras, Woolley, and Thundatross, which players can learn more about as they progress. In addition, these campaigns contain bits of collectible lore to flesh out the universe for invested players.

All in all, GigaBash seems to offer players quite a bit of content to sink their teeth into, which should make today’s release all the more exciting. Hopefully, the game will provide exactly the kind of zany multiplayer experience that makes titles like Power Stone so fondly remembered.

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