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KarmaZoo Review – A unique co-op adventure about teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work in KarmaZoo!

Co-op games are all the rage in 2023, with exceptional titles such as Party Animals taking the community by storm. Pastagames and Devolver Digital aimed to dominate this void with the release of KarmaZoo.

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The entire premise of KarmaZoo is about helping out one another, and the game instills this in players as soon as they load into it, as there are too many characters for us to count when it comes to this game.

The game is a 2- to 10-player adventure where teamwork is all that matters, as these joyful characters are going to have to work hand in hand with one another to succeed in each level. The platformer strides to give players as much diversity as possible when it comes to what kind of characters will be needed for each level, but it is clear that some, like the Blob, who can shapeshift into other entities, are better than others.

However, depending on how many players you have in the lobby with you, it will also coincide with how efficient you are within the game’s two game modes, Loop and Totem. The former will be an online-only game mode, where players will have to cooperate with players they don’t know to solve certain puzzles, and it’ll test your trust issues, especially with strangers.

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KarmaZoo excels at making everyone in the lobby feel helpful as well, as we see other co-op titles where certain characters are carrying the entire lobby. Still, the purpose of all of these creatures is to go hand in hand with one another, and it thrives in this.

Whether it’s jumping on a camel’s back to get to a destination or exploding yourself on spikes so that your tombstones become pillars to hop on, KarmaZoo demonstrates how to make everyone feel incorporated successfully.

Artistic Dream

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Credit: PastaGames/Devolver Digital

One of the first aspects of KarmaZoo we noticed right away is the artistic visuals that the game has to offer to players, and it’s one of the best visual pleasures in quite some time. The game shells comparisons to other indie titles such as Celeste and Ori, as the color palette used is staggering for the eyes.

Furthermore, throughout the game, you will be traveling to levels that are all different in various aspects and, more often than not, will use a distinct color palette. Pastagames has done an exceptional job at creating an atmosphere that will catch the eye of the player and one that resonates deeply.

This also goes hand in hand with some of the other visual elements used throughout, including the specific objectives that players will have to solve in levels, alongside the locks and different puzzles. It’s always clear what needs to be done and what players need to do, and the background imagery never dulls this down.

Final Results = Win For KarmaZoo

The only criticism we really have with KarmaZoo is the lack of game modes. Loop and Totem are currently the only ones present within the game, so the variety in this regard is lacking. However, if you can get behind this feature, then there really is a unique game here, and one that you and your friends should consider purchasing, as it comes in at around $10.00 — you aren’t breaking the bank for this one.

All in all, KarmaZoo is a big win for the co-op gaming community, and in a year dominated by single-player giants like Zelda, Spider-Man 2, and Alan Wake 2, it’s lovely to see a multiplayer title such as KarmaZoo come along to shake up the space.

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KarmaZoo is a lovely co-op adventure that has some outstanding visuals, alongside tremendous platforming. But it may get repetitive fast due to a lack of game modes.
  • Outstanding Visuals
  • Platforming is a must-try in 2023
  • Numerous characters that feel viable
  • Lack of game modes
  • Can become a bit repetitive the more you play

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