Ken Levine Teases Next Game – In The Most Obtuse Way Possible

Ken Levine is sharing small tidbits on what his next game will be like, but he’s chosen to be extra obtuse about it.

Levine replied to fan tweets to him to share these details, and he would not commit to anything, except it being on PC. He also chose to tweet in such a way that words were abbreviated to squeeze in whatever he wanted to say in single tweets.

Here’s what he said, essentially.

  • It’s definitely a PC game.
  • It could be sci-fi, or sci-fi-ish.
  • It could have FPP.
  • It might have a small open world.

Levine also made some comments about the game having a systems-based narrative, such that future expansions won’t add more story on top of it, but expounds on the existing lore.

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