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Killing Floor ‘Level Up’ Free Content Goes Live
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Killing Floor ‘Level Up’ Free Content Goes Live

Killing Floor’s second free DLC pack, entitled “Level Up,” has gone live.We revealed a bit of info about the pack last week – that it would have seven new weapons, three new maps, a new Demolition perk, a new Specimen enemy, and that all perks would have their level cap raised by one – and now it’s finally here.Your copy of Killing Floor should update automatically through Steam, and there’s also a Nightfall Character Pack which will cost you £0.99 GBP if you want some new skins, but the stuff you get for free… well, that’s the best stuff.The three maps are Wyre, Bedlam, and Waterworks. Wyre is set in a forest in Southern England, with a Horzine facility hidden unground; Bedlam takes place after a Halloween rave at an abandoned lunatic asylum and puts you in a load of claustrophobic corridors with rave music and lightning backing the action, and Waterworks is the winning map from Wave 1 of the Grindhouse mapping contest and is set in the ruins of a pumping station.As for new weapons, you’ve got a Medic Gun (combining a submachine gun with “healing darts,” letting Medics heal from a distance), the M79 Grenade Launcher, the M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher, the AA-12 Auto Shotgun, the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, the SCAR Mk17 (good rate of fire, good accuracy, good damage), and proximity-fused pipe-bombs.As mentioned, all perks now have a level cap of 6 which will grant further bonuses, and added to these are the Demolitions perk which is all about the explosives and the grenade launchers.Finally, there’s the new Specimen – the Husk. The Husk will likely mix things up a bit, as he’s got a fireball launcher on his arm, making him the only non-boss long-ranged Specimen in the game.So there you have it. If you haven’t tried Killing Floor, you should really give it a shot – it’s enjoyable enough, and one of our complaints was that it got a bit samey after awhile. With the amount of free content we’re seeing, though, that may not be so much of a problem.

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