Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You might need more than five guys to capture that town.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was announced towards the end of last year, but it seems the game is going to require a little more money to get Act One (said to be 30+ hours) out of the door. The Warhorse Studios team say they have $1.5 million USD from a private investor already (someone who really likes medieval-themed RPG, presumably) but need further funds to make their title happen.

To that end, they’re asking for another $500,000 USD (£300,000 GBP.) Looks like £100,000 GBP of that has come in already, so people seem quite keen.

That’s not too surprising, because the gameplay demo trailer they’ve put together looks pretty impressive. It’s got some Mount & Blade style horse riding, the kind of open wandering you’d expect from an Elder Scrolls type game and an interesting looking approach to first-person melee. Plus, it’s in the oft-underused setting of ‘semi-historical medieval era’.

$24.00 USD is the tier that will get you a digital copy of the game (again, Act One) when it comes out. Or you could go a bit nuts and pledge almost $2,000 for the “Pope Edition” which comes with a studio visit and all acts of Kingdom Come: Deliverance (once released,) plus pretty much every other reward going.

Here’s that trailer, plus the pitch.

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