It was always likely to happen at some point, and now it has. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has taken the next step in the online pass system by locking out single player content from those that have bought the game second-hand.
Seven singple player missions will be locked from those without a code, forcing you to pay extra to gain access to them. 
The missions in question combine to form the House of Valor faction quest. Further, those without an online pass will miss out on the Mass Effect 3 tie-in ‘Shepard’s Battle Armour’ in-game item.
Aside from the always sticky nature of online passes, Reckoning is looking quite tasty. You can read more about that in today’s hands-on preview.
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is due on 10 February for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in Europe.
Source: Destructiod 

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