Massive rise in net income for the Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer publisher.
The latest financial results show a huge spike in Konami’s profits, rising 219.7 per cent to £32 million (¥4.04 billion). This is despite only moderate gains in their net revenue, up 3.3 per cent to £434.9 million (¥54.9 billion). Of course, this means that the publisher is making some huge savings somewhere, at least in comparision to previous years.
These numbers caused the publisher to outline a positive approach in regards to its future actions:
“The types and numbers of devices on which games can be played are on the increase. Our belief is that we can increase the number of ‘outlets’ for Konami game content through the appearance of new devices. We will propose ways of playing games that match the characteristics of each new device.”
Presumably, they’re referring to the Wii U and PlayStation Vita. 

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