A group of Indie developers with a taste for the entrepreneurial want to purchase and refit an LA warehouse as an ‘LA Game Space’, complete with resident artists, exhibition space, workshops and lectures. To that end, they’re trying to raise a cool $250,000 USD through some website you may have heard of named Kickstarter.

    That $250,000 USD would be enough to get the project up and running; with memberships, public events and further fundraising drives planned to keep the building sustainable and prosperous.

    The usual smorgasbord of reward options are open to anyone who pledges money, with perhaps the best value option being a $15 USD pledge in return for 30 (yes, 30) previously-unreleased titles by recognised Indie developers, that’ll work on Windows, Mac and (mostly) Linux.

    You’ll be getting titles from Cactus (Hotline Miami) and Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time) among others.

    Of course if you want to offer more cash you can also pick up exclusive t-shirts, pixel art portraits and all kinds of other stuff.

    If you missed the first link back up there, here’s where you want to go in order to learn more about the project. The pitch video is embedded below, and also gives a good overview of what they’re trying to do.

    Peter Parrish

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