LA Noire launches on PC

Developers Team Bondi may have long-since been liquidated (with staff still being owed thousands of dollars), but LA Noire, the studio’s one and only title, lives on. Today, it hits the PC in “complete edition” form (which means all the DLC and add-ons are included as part of the package).
In traditional style, Rockstar has issued a launch trailer, featuring a lot of 1940s style cop-sassing and ‘get out there and earn your badge!’-ing. It’s also another chance to see the game’s rather spectacular facial motion capture techniques.
Interestingly, the motion capture was performed by Depth Analysis, a separate private company owned by former Team Bondi head Brendan McNamara. He was the chap described as “a huge bully with no talent, vision or management skill” by a former colleague and whose mismanagement was cited as a factor in Bondi’s downfall. Depth Analysis was not liquidated and still holds the very marketable motion capture asset.
The PC trailer follows, below.