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A new game that’s sure to make you squirm in your seat has hit Kickstarter. Lamentum, a seemingly Lovecraftian survival horror title, has been in development by Obscure Tales for over a year. The project is asking for around $17,000, with stretch goals currently reaching to around $34,000.

What initially drew me to this game was its fantastic art style. Lamentum has a gothic environment created in a pixelated style and seems a very gory looking experience overall. Within this title lie bloated, fleshy monsters, plenty of decapitated things, and a guy who rips his own eyes out like it’s nothing. It looks to be going for a very specific tone, and clearly, it won’t be for everyone. I’d say if you enjoy games like the earlier Resident Evil titles, or otherwise find yourself not too bothered by the horrific, you should check Lamentum out.

Oh, what horrors await thee

Lamentum tells the story of Victor, a 19th century nobleman who has contracted a rare disease. In search of a cure, Victor finds himself at an old gothic mansion that is home to an Earl with the ability to grant wishes. However, in true video game fashion, things turn out to not be that easy. Victor has to face ghastly, nightmarish creatures, and the sight of them (even in pixelated form) will surely leave you feeling unsettled.

Lamentum Gif

If Lamentum sounds interesting to you, the project can be supported over on their Kickstarter page. Obscure Tales plans to release the title on PC in Q1 2020. It will also launch on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2020, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One must wait until Q4 2020.

We’ll be on the lookout for more information as the devs provide it. Until then, give us your thoughts on Lamentum by spilling your guts in the comments below.

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