September 5th, 2017

Landmark is cheap on Steam for 48 hours

You, too, can try to build something like this out of voxels. Which are not the same thing as Vauxhalls, although I have seen people turn those into homes.

We don’t normally post about Steam daily deals, but I figure a few of you might be interested in Landmark. That, and it’s a nice counter-point to the ArcheAge stuff.

Every bundle and upgrade for Sony’s massively multiplayer online building game – which isn’t Everquest Next, despite also being known as Everquest Next: Landmark – have been discounted by 66% for the next 48 hours. Or until 6pm UK time on Tuesday, if that’s easier.

The cheapest option – the Settler Pack – is down from £14.99 to £5.09, and that nets you unrestricted closed beta access. If you want bigger shinies then you can go for the Explorer Pack (from £44.99 to £15.29) or the Trailblazer Pack (from £75.99 to £25.83), and as the Trailblazer Pack actually contains four beta keys, you might even be able to trick some of your friends into sharing the financial burden. Likewise, if you’ve previously opted for the Settler Pack and have since decided that Landmark is the best thing since pre-cut baked dough, you can upgrade to the Explorer Pack or Trailblazer Pack for £10.20 or £20.40 respectively.

I have now written the word “Pack” so much that it has lost all meaning. Thanks, Landmark.

If you’re interested, you can pick it up over here. As ever I’m hesitant to advise buying into a closed beta, but right now Landmark isn’t exactly expensive and it’s been around for long enough that you can doubtless find plenty of impressions to help you make your mind up.

Oh, and the latest Landmark update added water as a building material. So, hey, that’s something.

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