This is what most PC users have been doing while waiting for GTA V to show up.

The open secret of GTA V’s PC version continues to wander on, this time thanks to information emanating from Scandinavia. GameReactor claims it has confirmation from the manager of a Swedish branch of game store “Elgiganten” that people will be able to pre-order the PC version of GTA V from this Friday (31 January.)

You can add that to the bulging list of clues, which include PC-related code in the companion app, possible leaked footage from a developer build running on PC, popping up in AMD Catalyst driver profiles and appearing on various retailer sites.

When Tim and I did our own extensive analysis of the situation last year, we decided historical precedent pointed to a March release for the PC version of GTA V. If it turns out to be February, then we weren’t too far off the mark.

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