Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions have announced that their new game LawBreakers will be released on Steam.

LawBreakers is an FPS with gravity based combat which they say results in “an ever-evolving and bloody arena”.  The game is set in a future America and players will have to choose the “Law” or be a “Breaker”. The game will be set around iconic locations such as the “boiling oceans off the Santa Monica coastline, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and nearly unrecognisable Mount Rushmore.”

Instead of a free to play model, which was the original plan, the game will be a full price release. Although no price has been announced, Bosskey are keen to point out it won’t “have the $60 price point of a traditional box product.”

“As the game continued to take shape, we realised free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building,” said Cliff Bleszinski. “LawBreakers is a competitive game at heart and that means balance is a big priority to me, my team, and our community. Using a digital premium model helps ensure an even playing field by giving fans access to every available role without any barriers.”

The announcement came as part of a GDC panel called “Surrounded by 800 lb Gorillas! Standing Up to the Competition” where they showed how they were looking to create a more “mature” look and feel to make Lawbreakers stand out in a crowded FPS market. They are hoping that a combination of the gravity effects and truly three-dimensional combat realised through grappling blades, reverse blind-firing, time dilation, and jetpacks, will offer something a little different.

“Being constantly compared to the current slew of colourful shooters on the market made us realise we needed to stand out from the crowd” Bleszinski continued. “We decided to take a step back and explore how we could dial up the maturity in LawBreakers, going back to our original vision. The new look and feel embraces the innovative and vertical nature of our game elevated by violence, intensity and competition.”

The game is obviously looking to capture a mature audience with an R-Rating and it will be on show at PAX East in Boston. A series of beta tests will also be launched prior to LawBreaker’s release which is set for summer 2016.

Bosskey sound like they are attempting something a little different, but it’s another arena shooter, which means they have their work cut out to make this something special.

The Steam page is now live if you want to keep up with developments.

Game Information

Beat gravity into submission in LawBreakers, an exhilarating new first-person shooter where even the laws of physics can be shattered, creating unprecedented gravity-based combat, resulting in an ever-evolving and bloody arena.

Master a cast of anti-heroes to conduct a savage symphony of vertical role-based combat across a rebuilt American landscape in this mature multiplayer FPS from industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions.

  • A Cast Of Killers: Revel in unparalleled vertical violence by mastering the skills of an array of diverse anti-heroes, ranging from Cronos, a murderer who survived electrocution on death row to Axel, a federal agent with a tattered past fighting for justice. Whether you kill for the nobility of the “Law,” or are out for blood as a “Breaker,” these symmetrical roles satisfy any appetite in an arena where the most skilled player and team will rise.
  • Threats From Every Angle: Experience visceral gameplay that is a cut above the competitive FPS genre; with variable gravity effects, unique role based movement systems and gravity manipulating abilities, making combat truly three dimensional. Become a gravity surfing killer and annihilate your enemies with grappling blades, reverse blind firing, time dilation, jetpacks and much more.
  • Modes that Matter: Fight to the death in intense game modes that elevate the Arena Shooter genre to all new levels. LawBreakers’ signature brand of gravity induced chaos combined with innovative takes on multiplayer game modes offers a truly unique and highly competitive experience.
  • A World Reimagined: Experience a futuristic America, years after a global seismic event known as “The Shattering” forever changed the landscape and even gravity itself. Become immersed into a raging conflict between Law and Breakers across iconic locations including the boiling oceans of Santa Monica, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and nearly unrecognizable Mount Rushmore.
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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