League Of Legends Wants You To Get Attuned With New DJ Sona Skin

Do you play League of Legends? Do you like Sona? Then you are going to love this. Riot Games has revealed a new ultimate skin called DJ Sona for League Of Legends.

DJ Sona is literally going to be the most musical character in MMOs today, with over 3 hours of audio, between music, sfx and voice work. She has three stances which play three different song styles and has different attacks. You can freely toggle between each stance, and more importantly, her music will change dynamically as the game progressess. DJ Sona literally acts like the DJ for each match, but only her teammates get the chance to listen to it, if they want.

DJ Sona will cost 3250 RP, and will be made available in the near future. You can learn more about her here and check out her tunes and abilities here.

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