There’s more pre-a season changes than usual so there’s a lot to digest.

This year RIOT has made many changes with the League of Legends pre-season patch which they say is down to the fac they now have many more “design levers” to rune the game compared to last year. This gives them the opportunity to easily tweak the Champions. There’s lots of tweaks, 24 Champions in total have seen adjustments in 4.21 . RIOT’s Chris “Pwyff” Tom commented:

“Talking about the system changes: while we’re happy with how the pre-season has progressed, we saw a number of opportunities to address the more egregious problems (snowballing, early to mid game gold flow, jungle balance, Warwick).”

Warwick has been singled out for for nerfing the following reasons:

“Warwick’s popularity (and subsequent insanity in the win rate department, even though we don’t like using win rate as a statistic because it’s loaded with so many other variables but let’s not get into that) is a perfect storm of changes to preseason systems, the jungle, and the latent powers within his kit. We all know Warwick should be lowered a peg (or two. or five.), so we’ve decided to focus on Hunter’s Call and Infinite Duress.

“We’re going to be monitoring Warwick heavily to see if we need to go harder, but we’re confident this reduces his power enough that you might actually be able to compete with him in games. 60%. Never forget. Now let’s not talk about win rates again (seriously though, win rates are a correlation of game health, not a cause).”

The full lengthy patch notes list can be checked out on the LoL site.

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