You might not be able to play this right now.

A series of ongoing DDoS attacks have been affecting certain games, including League of Legends, Guild Wars 2 and EVE Online. In some cases these attacks have been going on for a number of days, and each of those games have been brought down periodically across the past 24 hours.

Over at the League of Legends forum, a thread addressing “Instability on North America” suggests that both the datacenter and game have been on the receiving end of DDoS (denial of service) incidents “in the last couple of weeks.” It adds that Riot are doing what they can to keep the game up and running: “Defending against DDOS attacks is an arms race that we will always be engaged in, and we are committed to reducing the pain you all feel as swiftly as possible when the service is being impacted by malicious attacks.”

That post was made one day ago, but recent additions to the thread suggest that DDoS problems are flaring up again.

Meanwhile, over in the Guild Wars 2 tech support forum, a number of threads asking for something to be done about DDoS attacks have resurfaced or appeared in the past few hours. So it appears that ArenaNet are suffering from similar problems.

EVE Online has had issues over the past couple of days too, resulting in a General Discussion post from the developers about “unscheduled downtime.” The latest word in that particular post is that EVE’s DDoS problems have, for now, been solved for the day.

A twitter account going by the name LizardSquad is now pretty much claiming direct responsibility, and keeping a running commentary on a lot of servers going down. I always knew David Icke was right about secret lizard people controlling everything.

Update 23 August: Yep, this is still happening. Blizzard are the latest victims.

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